Lucy Earley

It is with deep sorrow that we say good bye to our dear friend, and a wonderful volunteer, Lucy Earley.  You may remember Lucy from serving refreshments at The Buttonwood Tree, or helping out at our events. She was always such a gentle, kind and very generous person who made everyone feel welcome.  

Lucy and Meg

Here she is pictured (on left) with another of our dear volunteers, Meg Scata, at a meaningful and heartwarming Volunteer Appreciation Party held last year which they organized and presented in a most beautiful way. All the volunteers felt special and appreciated. It was terrific to hear their stories and see how much they felt they received by volunteering, far more than what they gave. She embodied that gratitude and lived such a humble, gracious and loving life. She will be missed tremendously, especially by me.

Lucy Remembered

Years ago we offered a Happiness Project which Lucy attended. There she learned that singing helps you to be happy. So she joined the Celebration Singers choir at my church. One day at church she told the story of how she came to know First Church through TBT, feeling so welcomed that she joined the church. Eventually she became a Deacon and very involved in many ways. We sat next to each other every week in choir and I was witness to her struggle, first in her position in Customer Relations at Yale/New Haven Hospital, and then, after she retired, as she bravely battled the cancer that developed.

She left us as gracefully as she lived, and will be remembered with love and respect.


A Memorial Service for her will be held on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 11 am. I will be among those singing and baking for her. First Church of Christ, Congregational, is located at 190 Court Street, Middletown. You are welcome to join us for the service and reception.


Through volunteering at The Buttonwood Tree, Lucy met one of our fine patrons, Steve Krevisky. He is a Math Professor at Middlesex Community College and a longtime visitor to TBT. They developed a deep friendship and joined their lives together giving them both much love, support, companionship and friendship in what would prove to be her last years. Our deepest condolences to him and to her family. Even though Lucy gave up volunteering at TBT to be with her family and serve at First Church, her gentle spirit will remain among us, and in our hearts, always.


I am so grateful Lucy was able to connect to such goodness, love, friendship and fellowship through The Buttonwood Tree. Perhaps that's the most important thing we do.


I wonder ...


Appreciatively Yours,